ECN trains potential registration officials at Otjozondjupa


The Otjozondjupa Regional Electoral Officer, Victoria Amutenya, says only 148 out of the 204 trainees will be appointed as registration officials in the Otjozondjupa Region. 

General voter registration is scheduled to start on June 3 and last until August 1.

The registration officers are expected to be in the field from Monday to Saturday, starting from eight o'clock to seven o'clock in the evening.

Participation and conduct during the training are key, says Amutenya.

Government called to fast-track provision of water & electricity at Kap en Bou settlement


Residents of Grootfontein's Kap en Bou settlement are calling on the municipality to fast-track the provision of water and electricity to their area.

Kap en bou started as a result of land grabbing in 2017, and the population has since grown over the years.

Inhabitants here get water from a nearby location, Blikkies Dorp, where they pay for it. A lack of electricity is another challenge.

ECN officials urged to uphold institution's values


Otjozondjupa Governor James Uerikua urged the voter registration officials of the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) to uphold the values of the institution. 

Uerikua made the remarks when the ECN officials visited his office, pledging support to the officials to ensure a smooth and successful registration process.

The general registration of voters is scheduled to start from the 3rd of June until the 1st of August.

Kalenga Primary School launches scholar patrol


Learners of Kalenga Primary School in Grootfontein can now cross the roads with guidance following the launch of patrols courtesy of Trigon Mine. 

The 14-1 road linking Grootfontein, Otjinene, and the Omaheke Region is one of the busiest roads in Grootfontein.

Along that road is Kalenga Primary School, with 1,284 learners.

Although some parents walk their children up to the school entrance, most of the learners cross the road by themselves.