PDM takes legal action against Namibian government and Comsar SA


The Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) has taken legal action against the Namibian government and Russian billionaire Rashid Sardarov's company, Comsar SA, challenging a 99-year lease agreement on four farms in the Dordabis area.

Judge Orben Sibeya reserved his judgement for August 15, 2024.

In 2018, Comsar SA intended to purchase four commercial farms in the Dordabis area from private owners, although the law did not allow for such an arrangement.

Fishermen not entitled to choosing jobs of preference


Fisheries and Marine Resources Minister Derek Klazen has denounced the alleged entitlement of fishermen who, he claimed, want to dictate the type of work they should do.

Klazen, during a renewal of employment contracts for fishermen employed under the governmental employment redressing programme, noted that the fishermen feel entitled and are disrespectful towards employers, continuously threatening employers with mass resignations and demonstrations and threatening that the quota belongs to them.

PDM's Diederik Vries calls for inclusive approach in Namibia's resettlement polic


The Resettlement Policy should aim to improve the lives of landless or disadvantaged Namibians and be inclusive, irrespective of people's economic and social status.

These were the sentiments of the Popular Democratic Movement's (PDM) Diederik Vries in his contribution to the National Resettlement Policy under the Ministry of Agriculture, Water, and Land Reform.

The general eligibility criteria for potential beneficiaries of resettlement is the requirement to have resource ownership and access to capital.

PDM MP Katjimune proposes motion to tackle SME financing challenges in Namibia


In a bid to address the issues surrounding small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Namibia, Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) MP Maximalliant Katjimune tabled a motion aimed at investigating bottlenecks hindering SME financing in the country.

The motion, according to Katjimune, seeks to unlock greater access and economic potential within this vital sector of the economy.

The SME sector, a cornerstone of any nation's economic landscape, stands as a significant contributor to global enterprises, workforce employment, and GDP, with Namibia reflecting these trends. 

PDM's Katrina Benz calls for improved Katrina Benz


In her maiden speech in the National Assembly, Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) MP Katrina Benz emphasised the need for enhanced service delivery across public institutions.

Quoting the late Nelson Mandela, Benz stressed the significance of making a tangible difference in the lives of Namibian citizens. 

She underscored the importance of representation in politics, advocating for inclusivity across all demographics to foster a diverse and respectful environment where every voice is heard.

Motion to address high crime rate referred for investigation


The motion, put forth by Mike Venaani of the Popular Democratic Movement's (PDM), to address Namibia's high crime rate, has been referred to the parliamentary standing committee for further investigation.

Highlighting the severity of rising crime in the country, members of the National Assembly called for a collaborative effort to identify effective solutions to secure a safer environment for all citizens.

Youth called to vote for change


The Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) says it's high time the youth take charge of the country and vote for change in the November 2024 election.

PDM President McHenry Venaani says this is the only way they will address high unemployment and create jobs.

Venaani addressed a rally at Tsumeb over the weekend.

He told the gathering that the party is ready to address the high unemployment rate among the youth, beef up the agricultural sector, and ensure the landless are offered social housing.

Stock theft motion tabled in National Assembly


Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) MP Vipuakuje Muharukua tabled a motion to address stock theft in communities and assess the effectiveness of current legislative measures.

The motion outlines the evolution of farming as a Namibian value; it also discusses the prescriptive nature of the current regulatory framework against the objective of protecting stock.

The motion lobbies MPs as a source of primary law to assess the extent to which stock theft shakes and destabilises the foundation of people's livelihoods.