Destitute Ndama family receives help


A destitute family at the Ndama location in the Kavango East Region is moving on from sleeping in makeshift structures, thanks to assistance received.

The family has found it difficult to meet basic needs.  

Fifty-three-year-old Natalia Mbako and her family of nine moved to the outskirts of Rundu's Ndama location a few years ago after leaving Nkurenkuru for greener pastures, so they thought.  

Their pursuit for a better life never materialised, and the family found themselves without a proper shelter while surviving on handouts from community members. 

Cross-border malaria transmission concerning


Cross-border malaria transmission remains a problem in mitigating the disease, and interventions are needed in endemic regions such as the Kavango East Region.

The region commemorated belated World Malaria Day at Shadikongoro in the Mukwe Constituency. 

Malaria peak transmissions occur between the months of December and May.

The Health Director for Kavango East, Idah Mendai, says the team has been monitoring malaria cases in the region since January, with Andara recording the highest cases.

Kavango East residents advocate for regional division and constituency expansion


Residents of the Kavango East Region have proposed to the 5th Boundaries Delimitation and Demarcation Commission to divide the region into two and create more constituencies, as some of them are overpopulated.

They made the suggestions during the commission's consultation at Rundu. 

The 1st Boundaries Delimitation and Demarcation Commission in 1992 created Kavango as a region on its own.

Kavango East needs special schools


The Kavango East Education Directorate and stakeholders are requesting for a special school to be established in the region. 

The request was made during a consultation meeting with the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Human Resources and Community Development at Rundu.

There are 317 learners with disabilities in the Kavango East Region who are currently in mainstream education. 

The region has six schools with special units catering to some of the learners who are unable to cope with mainstream education.

Zambezi Development Association removes boundary signboard in protest


The Zambezi Development Association (ZDA) has removed the sign board of the Zambezi Regional boundary with the Kavango East Region and attempted to hand it over to the 5th Boundaries Delimitation and Demarcation Commission at Katima Mulilo on Tuesday. 

ZDA is a pressure group headed by Blessing Maanda.

The signboard and a petition, addressed to President Nangolo Mbumba, were received by Zambezi Governor Alufea Sampofu.

Deputy Prime Minister Mutorwa voices concern over delayed drought relief food distribution


Deputy Prime Minister John Mutorwa is concerned about the delays in the distribution of drought relief food in the regions. 

Mutorwa visited the Kavango East Region to acquaint himself with the exercise. 

More than 44,000 people have been affected by the drought in the Kavango East Region. The region received its first consignment of drought relief food in October last year.

Mutorwa stated that the government considers the drought relief programme a high priority.

Police IG disappointed by poor performance in Kavango East


Inspector General of the Police, Joseph Shikongo, has expressed disappointment with the performance of law enforcement officers in the Kavango East Region. 

Following a visit to the region, Shikongo addressed the underperformance and outlined improvement plans.

Lieutenant General Joseph Shikongo says, that despite Kavango East being the second-largest region, there is enough manpower for effective policing. 

He pointed out police visibility as a key to combating crime.

Healthcare services in Kavango East affected by growing population


Healthcare services in the Kavango East Region are unable to cater to the region's population growth. 

Kavango East Governor, Bonifatius Wakudumo, says health facilities are crumbling under pressure, not only from locals but also from patients needing treatment from neighbouring Angola. 

The region is vast, and locals who can afford it are sometimes forced to travel long distances for medical care, but for the unfortunate majority, it is a different story. 

In March, four minors from Livayi village died of suspected food poisoning. 

Max Makushe School suspends classes over sewage problem


A contractor has blocked a sewerage pond at Max Makushe Secondary School in the Kavango East Region due to what they regard as outstanding payments by the Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture.

The school has since suspended classes due to sewerage overflow.

The school has been struggling to get a permanent solution for the sewerage for almost five years.

The contractor, Empire Sense Investment, carried out what is referred to as emergency work for N$2 million.

The tender was awarded in November 2021.