Sasscal, UNAM Collaborate on green hydrogen implementation process


Stakeholders in the implementation process of Green Hydrogen, Sasscal and the University of Namibia shared with nbc-news the role they play in the implementation process of green hydrogen projects.

Sasscal plays a role in fund sourcing and continuous training, whereas UNAM plays a pivotal role in the research of green hydrogen projects.

NCRST, NUST host a hackathon to tackle Namibia's road accident crisis


The National Commission on Research, Science, and Technology (NCRST), in conjunction with the Namibian University of Technology (NUST), is hosting a hackathon event. 

The event brought together local and international innovators, researchers, students, and developers with the shared goal of reducing road accidents through technological advancements.

Namibia, like other countries, is faced with a public health concern over road accidents that rob nations of productive citizens.

Breast and Prostate Cancer Research Project launched


Namibia has launched the Breast and Prostate Cancer Research Project in collaboration with the African Caribbean Cancer Consortium.

The project aims at promoting health and early detection as well as identifying factors that contribute to breast and prostate cancer.

The project will be carried out by different countries in the private and public sectors to encourage a healthy society.

The research will explore effective means to prevent, capture data, diagnose, and treat breast and prostate cancer.

Regional Governors call for more research that solves Socio-economic problems


Regional governors who attended the Validation Workshop for Science, Technology, and Innovation at Swakopmund, have called on researchers to conduct research that solves socio-economic problems. 

According to a national survey, Namibia has increased investment in research, as the country spent about 0.6% of its GDP on research in 2022, compared to 0.34% in 2014.

Namibia to achieve AU target of investing in Research and Experimental Development


Namibia is making progress toward the African Union target of investing 1% of its gross domestic product (GDP) in research and experimental development.

Preliminary findings contained in the 2022 National Research and Experimental Development Survey indicate that 0.6% of the country's GDP is invested in research.

Stakeholders in science, technology, and innovation have gathered at Swakopmund to validate various reports.

Among those reports is the 2022 National Research and Experimental Development Survey, which provides indicators of technological change.

Australian research reveals how COVID-19 damages the heart


New research led by Australia's University of Queensland (UQ) has discovered how COVID-19 damages the heart, opening the door to future treatments.

The study, published in Immunology, has found that while both COVID-19 and influenza are severe respiratory viruses, they appeared to affect cardiac tissue very differently.

The research used actual cardiac tissues collected during autopsies from seven COVID-19 patients from Brazil, two people who died from influenza and six control patients.