Jobs hang in the balance as B2 Gold Otjikoto Mine reaches lifespan


B2 Gold Otjikoto mine will continue with its processing operations beyond the 2026 closure of the mine.

After the closure, it will process all its stockpiles until they are exhausted by approximately 2031.

Ten years after its commissioning in 2013, the mine has come to the end of its economic lifespan.

Disclosing the phased closure of the mine, the mining executives told the media that they will now go into underground prospecting in addition to mining its dumps, which they expect to exhaust by 2031.

NAMCOL hosts career fair in Rundu


The Namibian College for Open Learning (NAMCOL) Regional Branch in Rundu hosted a two-day career fair for high school learners from the two Kavango regions.

The career fair offers an opportunity for learners to decide what exactly they want to pursue after high school.

The two-day fair is expected to attract learners from 16 schools, where they will have the opportunity to engage with 11 exhibitors.

The exhibitors are from various academic institutions, including VTCs and health training institutions, among others.

Orange River Irrigation Project workers at Aussenkehr uncertain about their jobs


Workers of the Orange River Irrigation Project (ORIP) at Aussenkehr in the ||Kharas Region say they have been left uncertain about their jobs following the government's recent decision to dissolve Agricultural Business Development Agency. 

ORIP is one of the country's eleven green scheme projects managed by state-owned Agribusdev. 

The ORIP workers voiced their concerns about possibly losing their job security during an oversight visit by a Parliamentary Standing Committee. 

An unproductive green scheme was given as the reason for Agribusdev's dissolution. 

Over 15,000 hopeful for 200 jobs at the Namibia Correctional Service


Over 15,000 hopefuls for 200 jobs at the Namibia Correctional Service are queuing up at various police stations in the capital to acquire police clearance certificates.

A total of 15 867 candidates were chosen from a pool of 33 259 applicants, with only 200 needed.

Since last week, police officers have been working tirelessly to make sure that no one is turned back.

This is despite the region not having enough machines to speed up the process, according to |Khomas Regional Commander David Indongo.

MTC creates jobs for over 50 entrepreneurs through its Life Project


It is generally acknowledged that companies have the responsibility of ploughing back into the community in which they operate through corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Therefore, one of Namibia's mobile giants has decided to create employment through its MTC for Life project.

The project will see more than 50 unemployed entrepreneurs benefit and be put in a position to become self-reliant. 

CNFA reiterates its resistance to fishing activities within restricted areas


The Confederation of Namibian Fishing Associations (CNFA) has reiterated its resistance to fishing activities within restricted areas.

Requests to allow fishing in breeding areas from the Wet Landed Horse Mackerel Association are yet to be approved by the Cabinet.

Last month, the Wet Landed Horse Mackerel Association asked Cabinet to allow the sector to catch fish within the restricted 200-metre zone.

The association has warned that 1300 jobs are at risk because it is a struggle to land horse mackerel.