Media to seek written permission to record court proceedings

Judge Shafimana Ueitele has issued an order that will, henceforth, compel the media to seek written permission to record court proceedings, whether for live broadcasts or during court sessions prior to, during, or even after proceedings.

Ueitele issued the order this morning after he summoned nbc News reporter Daniel Nadunya to explain the presence of a camera in court. Nadunya explained that journalists traditionally capture visuals in open court before and after the proceedings without prior approval.

Helicopter crash suspect appears in court

A 34-year-old woman, Anje Nauhaus, has appeared in the Swakopmund Magistrate's Court in connection with the tragic helicopter accident near the Swakopmund airport.

Nauhaus is accused of fraud, forgery, uttering, and a violation of the Civil Aviation Act.

She is also charged with culpable homicide.

It is alleged that the suspect unlawfully and intentionally misrepresented a fake, forged, and altered certificate of the registration and flight test permit of the helicopter that crashed last week.

Esau's bail hearing postponed to 9th June

The bail hearing of the former Fisheries and Marine Resources Minister, Bernhardt Esau, has been postponed to the 9th of June.

Esau is implicated in one of the biggest multimillion-dollar fishing corruption scandals.

In today's hearing, the former minister confirmed having received an amount of N$150,000 in his farming account from his son-in-law, Tamson Hatukuilipi, in 2012.

The court wanted Esau to explain the transaction, to which he replied that it was payment for 25 cattle he sold to Hatukulipi.

Amoomo accuses state of delaying Michael Amushelelo's court cases

Kadhila Amoomo, the lawyer of activist Michael Amushelelo, has accused the state of having a tendency to make his client miss court cases.

Today, Amushelelo had two court cases closely succeeding each other.

The former forex trader appeared in the SADC Court at ten o'clock in the morning in the case between him and the Prosecutor General.

It was in connection with the freezing of his bank accounts following charges of fraud and money laundering.

NAMCOR threatens The Namibian newspaper

NAMCOR has approached top lawyer Sisa Namandje, threatening to approach the court for the daily publication “The Namibian".

“The Namibian” last week published leading stories surrounding troubles at the parastatal.

One of its headlines read 'NAMCOR board investigates Mulunga for N$100 million Angola oil blocks payment' and another 'NAMCOR's power struggle exposes suspicious deals'.

The lawyer said the two articles published by The Namibian were not published in the public interest but rather in a manner that disregards NAMCOR's rights.

Attorney General Festus Mbandeka argues that majority of Namibians still reject homosexuality

Attorney General Festus Mbandeka has submitted an affidavit to the Windhoek High Court in which he argues that a majority of Namibians still reject homosexuality and that sodomy laws should remain in force on that basis.

Mbandeka filed his affidavit after Friedel Dausab, a gay Namibian man, launched a civil case in which he challenged the constitutionality of the colonial Sodomy Act, which criminalizes sexual relations between two consenting adult men.

Windhoek lawyer threatens MoHSS after state mortuary allegedly lost body of a new-born baby

A Windhoek lawyer, Gilroy Kasper of Murorua, Kurts Kasper Incorporated, has threatened to drag the Ministry of Health and Social Services to the Windhoek High Court after the state mortuary in the capital allegedly lost the body of a new-born baby.

The baby was born to parents Petra Pienaar and Geralld Garieseb on December 25.

According to Pienaar, her baby died during birth at the Katutura State Hospital in December last year.

After she and the father of the baby boy were shown the body, the body was moved to the state mortuary at the Central Hospital.

Sibalatani family trial postponed to Wednesday

The trial of four Sibalatani family members accused of having shot and killed Lemmy Mutonga, 52, in 2019, was postponed to tomorrow (Wednesday) by the Katima Mulio Regional Court.

All four accused persons—George, his father Clements, Clayton, and Patrick Sibalatani—pleaded not guilty to the murder charges at the start of the trial in August last year.

Mutonga was shot as he and his other family members were returning cattle to Naziabo in the Nankuntwe area of the Kabbe South constituency after the water subsided.

No end to BoN, Trustco tussle

The fight between Trustco and the Bank of Namibia is far from over, as the two were again involved in a tit-for-tat this week, with a judgement against the central bank and a fresh application by the latter to have Trustco Bank liquidated.

The Bank of Namibia made a fresh application to the High Court that Trustco Bank be liquidated on November 2, and a day later, on November 3, a client of Trustco won an application in the High Court preventing and stopping the central bank from its intentions to take steps against the private bank.