RA, RFA & Nkurenkuru TC sign MoU

The Roads Authority (RA), Road Fund Administration (RFA), and Nkurenkuru Town Council have signed a three-year agreement for the planning, rehabilitation, and maintenance of urban road networks.

The Nkurenkuru local authority approached the road authorities for assistance in this cause. Under the agreement, the RFA will be responsible for providing funds, while the Roads Authority will assist with engineering services. The Nkurenkuru Town Council completed the 800-metre road last year, funded by the RFA, at a cost of N$3.9 million.

DRC delegation learn from Namibia on road infrastructure

A 19-member delegation from the Democratic Republic of the Congo's (DRC) various institutions responsible for the road sector is in the country to tap Namibia's technical skills in road maintenance.

Due to the quality of the road infrastructure in Namibia, the DRC delegation saw it fit to undertake a benchmarking exercise to learn from Namibia.

The delegation will look at road construction techniques, funding of road infrastructure, and maintenance.

DRC delegates on benchmarking visit to Namibia

Delegates from the Democratic Republic of the Congo's various government road sector institutions are on a benchmarking visit to Namibia.


The visit, which aims at sharing technical skills on the maintenance of roads, is a partnership between Road Fund Administrators within SADC and other organisations such as the Walvis Bay Corridor Group to pass road maintenance skills to those that are linked to the transport hub concept.


RFA, RA & Walvis Bay Municipality partner up to ensure timely upkeep of roads used by cargo traffic

The Road Fund Administration (RFA), the Roads Authority (RA), and the Walvis Bay Municipality have signed an agreement to upgrade and expand the road network leading to the port.

This is to ensure continuous and timely upkeep of the roads used by cargo traffic destined for local, regional, and international markets.

Namibia is positioning itself to become a gateway to the southern African economic market.

Road Fund Administration notes doubling in funding to local authorities over past two years

The Road Fund Administration (RFA) has, over the past two years, doubled its funding allocations to local authorities, from N$104 million to N$216 million.

This, according to RFA CEO Ali Ipinge, is a demonstration of the institution's commitment to improving urban roads that have endured years of underfunding.

Ipinge says the institution's targets are only achievable if road users pay their fair share of road user charges and, through government support, keep the country's N$120 billion worth of road assets in good condition.

Ongos Valley developer to upgrade Peter Nanyemba Road

Property developer Ongos Valley will upgrade the Peter Nanyemba Road, at a cost of N$381 000.

The project is funded and administered through the Road Fund Administration of Namibia

Chairperson Reagon Graig of Ongos Valley said the upgrade has been planned about four years ago,

He highlighted some causes of the failures of some infrastructure projects

The Chief Executive Office of Road Funding Administration Ali Ipinge added that the 6.1km road upgrade would also provide road furniture as well as relocate some residents that are closer to the area. 

Road Fund Administration donates towards flood victims in Northern Namibia

The Road Fund Administration (RFA) has donated N$600,000 towards flood victims in the Oshana, Omusati, and Ohangwena regions.

The devastation caused by the floods is worrisome, and RFA CEO ALI Ipinge says, as a public entity, it is duty-bound to support communities impacted by these natural disasters.

Ipinge further says the RFA will rehabilitate roads that have been washed away, damaged, or riddled with potholes in due course.

RFA, RA determined to rehabilitate national roads

The Road Fund Administration and Roads Authority say they are determined to ensure that the Katima Mulilo roads and national roads leading to neighboring countries are rehabilitated to the required standard.

The two entities signed a cooperation agreement with municipalities and town councils recently.

The Road Fund Administration has entered into an agreement with the Katima Mulilo Town Council to ensure the rehabilitation of key roads in the town, namely Dr. Sam Nujoma Drive and Hage Geingob Avenue.

National Council MPs want road charges increased for heavy carriers on national roads

National Council MPs want heavy truck tolls on national roads raised, with the proceeds going toward road maintenance.

They made a contribution to the debate on the Road Fund Administration Bill on Tuesday.

In support of the bill, Kabbe South Councilor John Likando is one of the MPs calling for increased charges.

Likando complained that heavy trucks loading and unloading goods at coastal harbors via the Trans-Kalahari and Trans-Zambezi highways were causing significant damage to local roads while paying lower fees.