The Road Fund Administration (RFA) has eased the burden of a lack of vehicles in the police force following a donation of 22 cars.

Despite challenging financial turbulence, the RFA has managed to, during the concluded financial year, make a funding contribution to traffic law enforcement of N$34.4 million.

The vehicles will be required at various roadblocks across the country to enable the police to respond timely to road incidents.

The RFA budget allocation for NamPol traffic for the next financial year is N$15 million.

Apart from the 22 vehicles, RFA also donated five speed cameras, breathalysers, alcohol testers, and a trailer fitted with speakers and branding.

Ali Iipinge is RFA's CEO.

"We take note that more is needed to meet the demanding challenges of policing a modern society that is ever-tech-savvy and finding many means to evade law enforcement. Making strides in road safety initiatives requires concerted efforts from multi-faceted stakeholders."

RFA and NamPol have signed an agreement to strengthen and formalise their relationships and mutual cooperation, which is valid until October next year.

NamPol's Inspector General Joseph Shikongo said the donation of vehicles and equipment is not just an asset but a symbol of trust and urged officials to use it for the intended purpose.

"The proper stewardship of government properties is not merely an administrative formality; it is a sacred promise to the citizens we serve. Each vehicle under our care represents taxpayer contributions and an investment in the safety and security of our communities. Let it be known that any carelessness in safeguarding and utilising these resources will not be tolerated. Our commitment to transparency, fiscal responsibility, and the highest ethical standards should be the order of the day."

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Lucy Nghifindaka