The Minister of Health and Social Services says the delivery of public health services can be enhanced through strong partnerships.

Dr. Kalumbi Shangula said this at the staff rotating ceremony of the 14th and 15th Chinese Medical Teams in Windhoek today.

Since 1996, China has been sending medical personnel to Namibia to contribute to the provision of health care services in the country.

Dr. Shangula noted that the presence of these teams in Namibia’s health facilities has enriched the services delivered to patients.

On this occasion, four members of the outgoing 14th Chinese medical team were awarded certificates of appreciation for the health work they did in Namibia for one and a half years.

Minister Shangula thanked the team, saying they have added value to society as many Namibians have shared their personal experiences about the health benefits they have received from the services provided by them, including acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine.

He also welcomed four members of the new 15th Chinese medical team, noting that there is no doubt that there are many more aspects in the health sector where the two countries can work together.

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July Nafuka