The Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (nbc) continues to promote local content as it premiered 14 short films in partnership with 'No Plot Productions'.

nbc's Director General, Stanley Similo, expressed pride in the project while calling on the business community to support the local film industry.

Similo says this will assist in creating rich content that will pave the way for Namibian films to be showcased on different platforms globally and, in turn, grow the country's filmmaking industry.

Similo also noted that the broadcaster will strengthen the element of local films on both television and radio in all languages.

Additionally, the nbc, in partnership with MultiChoice Namibia, will shoot 26 films and simultaneously strengthen the skills of young people in filmmaking.

"I was in Cape Town, and there is this over-the-top way of doing things, and what will be happening is that there will be commercial value out of the films. We have identified three of five film platforms where we can also take these films and start generating funds; in that way, we can make this bigger and bigger."

nbc's Board Chairperson Lazarus Jacobs emphasized the role the broadcaster plays in promoting local content and paving the way for the youth to reach their potential in the film industry.

The films that premiered reflected real and emotional situations that actors and producers could relate to, although some had to get out of their comfort zones to bring characters to life.

"A lack of local content on our screens created a lack of cultural identity," says the Executive Director of No Plot Productions, Cecil Moller.

"This is an attempt to do away with that culture so that we as Namibians can understand each other, and hopefully there will be more languages aired on the big screens, and this is one of the industries that only takes your willingness to learn and work with others."

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Namibian Broadcasting Corporation


Celma Ndhikwa