Omusati police deported over 100 Angolan illegal immigrants yesterday.

There has been a notable increase in the number of illegal immigrants in Namibia, some of whom are promoting child labor, a practice that is prohibited.

The police carried out an operation in Oshikuku, Outapi, and Onandjaba, where the biggest concentration of illegal immigrants is found.

Omusati Police Regional Commander, Commissioner Ismael Basson, says it has become a challenge to control the immigrants who enter the country through ungazetted points.

"In terms of rounding them up, you deport them, but most of them go today, and by next week they come back, and it's an ongoing thing. We have to make sure that we keep up so that we also somehow protect local business people, as small as they are, to ensure everyone making business must have the right documents."

Some residents received the news with mixed feelings, with some praising the police.

Others feel that there should be no borders between the two countries, and people should be allowed to roam freely.

"Today we are free; we are selling us recharges and polonies with no unfair competition. Why should Angolans enjoy immunity from our trade laws? As Namibians, we are never allowed to trade in Angola without the necessary documentation. I am happy with the action taken by our police officers," said one resident.

Another disagreed, questioning, "Where is our livestock going to graze? Our families are in Angola, and we are also from there. It's better for the two governments to talk and see how best they can resolve the matter than deporting these people. They need to be assisted to get necessary documentation as they are suffering in their country."



Ndapanda Shuuya