Reports have surfaced of a young, differently abled woman named Elizabeth Andgondji who was allegedly turned away from the Eros International Airport due to her condition.

Andgondji, who is the winner of the Miss Ability beauty pageant, was allegedly denied a place on a flight on Sunday from Windhoek to Ondangwa, with the airline allegedly stating her disability as the reason.

She was in Windhoek to attend a training workshop that was facilitated by MTC.

MTC had purchased a ticket for Andgondji and her caregiver, but the beauty queen was allegedly informed by the airline staff that the airplane is too small to carry her wheelchair.

The distraught founder of the Miss Ability pageant, Eva Josephat, says, "The Namibian government preaches inclusivity for all, but it is not practiced; should the government get a special airplane for those with disabilities, this is really painful and discriminatory towards those who are differently abled." 

Fly Namibia must answer and issue a public apology, she told nbc News.

When the nbc reached out to Fly Namibia, the carrier said it would issue a statement in due course.



Emil Xamro Seibeb