Although there are only communal services at Farm 37, on the outskirts of Walvis Bay, residents there have been urged to focus on the fact that they will soon become landowners.

Walvis Bay Mayor Trevino Forbes says there is enough land in the new township for all residents.

Farm 37 is less than 10 kilometers east of Walvis Bay. It was identified in 2016 as the solution to the shortage of housing land in the harbor town.

Since then, thousands of landless residents have been waiting for the council to develop the area.

The mayor last month told nbc News that the first 50 residents will be relocated to Farm 37 by mid-March.

The municipality has installed communal water points, electricity, and ablution facilities at the location.

"Many of you are asking why you are only taking 50 people there? Any project needs to be approached with caution. That area has been there for a long time now. This council has decided enough is enough; people must go. Even though we might be taking the informal route to Farm 37, the people that will be occupying land in Farm 37 will become owners of the land. Not lessors, you will become owners of that land, and you can start building because we want a proper structure. Don't worry too much about services," Forbes assured the residents.

Forbes informed the community at a public meeting that the municipality will be registering all residents who live in backyard shacks and those without erven in April.

That list, he explained, will be used by the council to gradually relocate residents to Farm 37.

"It will not take years or too long before the first 50 are settled; we will look at the next to come and then the next. We will have a continuous rollout. You have waited for what, 30 years? You can wait a little bit longer; at least you know there is progress being made."

Forbes did not indicate when the first group of people would be relocated. 

Residents planning to instigate land grabs out of frustration were called to be patient.

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