One of the three Namibians who designed the national flag believes that 33 years after independence, it still represents heroism, peace, and unity as per the intent.

The design by Theo Jankowski and two other designers for the Namibian national flag was selected from among more than 800 other Namibians.

Born and bred in the small town of Rehoboth, Theo Jankowski entered the competition aimed at finding a suitable design that could possibly end up being the Namibian flag.

It took him about one week to get ready and put his design together. "There was hype; we were excited about what this new country will be."

He continued to mention that the judges had a tough time selecting only one winner and opted for three designs instead, which would then be merged into one uniquely beautiful design that was unanimously adopted by the Constituent Assembly, which is now known as the National Assembly.

Jankowski emphasizes that the Namibian flag still serves as a distinctive emblem of the Namibian nation.

"The flag is a national asset; when I look at the flag, I see loyalty, I see unity, and I see peace if I look at this flag. In fact, this flag is the singular most important banner under which we unite and build our nation, and that has to be treated as sacred."

He urged Namibians to educate themselves about the importance of the national flag, coat of arms, natural resources, and all the other national symbols, as they represent important aspects of the country.

"An independent country with its own identity and its own national symbols, and I wish all our leaders all the strength and wisdom that they need to lead our country in peace and prosperity."

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