The traditional leader of the Ombalantu Traditional Authority, Elenga Oswin Mukulu, has welcomed people from all corners of the country and beyond as the region hosts the independence celebration tomorrow.

Mukulu assured the visitors that their stay would be comforted by the diverse cultural experiences and a treat to traditional delicacies.

Excitement is building up in the region as the inhabitants look to celebrate and host the national Independence Day.

All roads will lead to Outapi, the host town, as of today.

Omusati is well-known for hosting the Omagongo Festival, a tradition that brings together the Aawambo communities.

Omagongo is a beverage made from marula fruit, and being that time of the year, it is a must on the independence celebration menu.

The traditional cuisines in the region range from chicken, goat meat, and beef served with Omahangu porridge.

The organizers of the Independence Day celebrations have ensured that the visitors get a taste of these cuisines and have placed them on the menu.

And with a hundred vendors on site, visitors will also have their own choice of cuisine, should they want more or if the official menu does not satisfy their taste buds.

Elenga Mukulu wants the visitors to make use of the opportunity to learn about the region's cultures and traditions.

"All the traditional food will be readily available for those attending Independence Day, we are well prepared. I am just calling on Namibians to come in numbers so that we can celebrate together. We want to remind the public not to carry knives, guns, and others but rather come in peace to celebrate this important day."

The chief's wife, Omunyekadhi Rakel Mukulu, implored all Namibians to ensure that the country and its people maintain respect for established cultural norms and societal values.

"I am calling on all Namibians to develop an interest in and appreciate our traditional food, irrespective of ethnicity. I want our visitors to enjoy and have a taste of our traditional delicacies as well as our cultural diversity as we celebrate our independence."

This year's independence celebrations will be held under the theme "A people united for prosperity".


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