Countries around the world observed World Water Day on Wednesday.

At Otjiwarongo, residents of the informal settlements there used the occasion to call on their municipality to set up water points close to their households.

The United Nations' World Water Day is a reminder of how essential clean water and sanitation are to live.

The government is making efforts to ensure that all Namibians have access to clean water.

However, due to urbanization, more and more people tend to settle on the outskirts of informal settlements, which are often the furthest away from municipal services and water points.

Nonetheless, water remains essential for survival, and these residents end up walking long distances to access it.

The day also draws attention to sanitation and general conditions relating to public health, again in stark contrast with the waste lining the streets of the informal settlement.

World Water Day 2023 was observed under the theme "Accelerating the Change to Solve the Water and Sanitation Crisis".



Eveline Paulus