The Namibian Broadcasting Corporation has reduced the application form fees for Miss Namibia from N$850 to N$500 for Miss Namibia 2023 while the fees for Miss Teen Namibia decreased from N$700 to N$400.

The application deadline for the pageant has also been extended to 12 April.

The nbc with its Miss Namibia Organization met with Miss Namibia Patron Michelle Mclean-Bailey.

Also present were Miss Namibia Cassia Sharpley with Umbi Karuaihe-Upi, the new Chief Executive Officer.

The event was held together with a promotion of some local products.

"We are here as the nbc to promote the Miss Namibia 2023 pageants, the entry has been extended until the 12 of April with the entry form application dropped."

In the spirit of 'local is lekker' local businesses were invited to showcase their local products.

Paulina Iita-Nenkavu says the approach will help small companies to grow.

"I am very excited to be here, it is a great opportunity to get to promote our business and just to get customers to know of the existence of our products, especially for small companies like us who cannot afford to have our own shops in Werhnil."

The Miss Namibia patron Michelle Mclean-Bailey highlighted the importance of promoting local products.

"As Namibians, we need to feel proud of our country, they need to feel recognized and appreciated. We have so many wonderful things, we have to make our people feel local and supported."

Miss Namibia shares her experience during her tenure and invited young women to take part in the beauty pageant.

"New opportunities and growing as a person, through that I am inspiring those out there, I want to encourage every young woman that knows they have the potential to be Miss Namibia. I encourage you to take part and do whatever it takes."

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Namibian Broadcasting Corporation


Maria Kaalushu