The Ondangwa Town Council has commenced the construction of houses at Extension 26.

There are around 300 erven and most of them are already occupied.

Houses at extension 26 cost between N$300 000 and N$600 000.

Ondangwa Town Council Chief Executive Officer, Ismael Namgongo says the council has appointed enough developers to fast-track the processes to enable owners to move into their houses in a short period of time.

The houses are expected to be completed at the end of this year.

The Council is already servicing Extension 26 and putting up water, sewer, and electricity provision. Streets will also be tarred.

This financial year Ondangwa town council has put aside N$16 million for municipal services.

Last year municipal services were provided to extension-24 and the rightful owners of houses at that extension have already occupied their houses. 

The demand for housing in Ondangwa is said to be high and efforts are being made to provide houses to people on the waiting list.

There are also houses that were built through the Shack Dwellers Federation at extension 26 with municipal services as well.



Tonateni Haimbodi