True Media Trading is suing the Swapo Party Youth League for N$14 million over the nonpayment of an integrated electronic system.

This is contained in documents filed with the Windhoek High Court.

The Swapo Party youth wing allegedly failed to honor an agreement for services rendered.

In 2018, the company says the two parties entered into an agreement that would see True Media Trading CC design and supply an Integrated Membership Management System (IMMS) at various SPYL offices.

The system was aimed at replacing the usual manual issuing of membership cards.

SPYL also wanted to be supplied with electronic PVC membership cards as well as all hardware and accessories, including laptops and printers.

True Media Trading says it has complied with the contract and met all the expectations of the youth league.

However, the company says the youth league has allegedly failed to make the payment to date.

In a letter dated February 2019, SPYL Secretary Ephraim Negongo gave True Media Trading a "clean sheet testimonial of execution, implementation, and successful completion of the IMMS project," launched in November 2018.

However, in his court papers filed on the 20th of this month, Nekongo argues that the payment to the service provider was to be affected depending on the sale of membership cards.

The cards are to be sold for N$15 each, and revenue would then have to be shared equally between the parties.

Nekongo, in his affidavit, further states that the IMMS system worked for a while and printed 6,000 cards.

The proceeds were collected in a separate account, and the plaintiff was paid its portion.

At some point, Negongo said the plaintiff also failed to supply clean cards, arguing that True Media Trading was to supply about one million clean cards.

The matter continues before the High Court.



Emil Xamro Seibeb