The Minister of Industrialization and Trade, Lucia Iipumbu, has described Namibia's participation at the 53rd General Assembly of the World Trade Centre Association in Accra, Ghana, as a success.

The event was held in Africa for the first time, and the participation of many countries on the continent, including Namibia, has made it all the more spectacular.

Iipumbu commended the government of Ghana for giving Namibia the opportunity to participate in the World Trade Centre Association.

Namibia, Iipumbu says, held various activities at the General Assembly, which she hopes will result in more investors and tourists coming to the country.

"We had dedicated events that were on the sidelines of the General Assembly, and we were also part of the programme of the General Assembly itself. Namibia as a country is not a member of the WTCA, but we have been convinced and are considering joining the WTCA, and we have engaged with our authorities here at home to look into aspects of us becoming part of the activities."

Namibia participated in various platforms and discussions as well as side-line events dedicated to its tourism sector.

The country also participated in business-to-business dialogues where Namibia presented numerous bankable projects.

"Amongst them are projects that are focusing on the agriculture sector, the value addition, the feed rods and their development, and projects that are focusing on tourism, and we also had projects that are of a manufacturing nature."

Namibia also presented a project plan for an envisioned cooling facility to store beef for export.

"We need a cooler facility that is big enough to accommodate not only the Namibian beef but also the Botswanan beef. We also presented a project that talks to our needs to expand the horizon of exporting our salt to those countries that do not have seas that produce salt like ours."