The Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (nbc) has started working on the Molelo Radio Drama project, which is targeting all eleven radio services. 

The project is a result of the scientific audience research that was recently carried out by the broadcaster to determine the audience.

This week, the nbc is hosting a workshop session for producers, writers, and drama experts that is currently underway in Windhoek.

The drama project, which targets young people, will be broadcast in various languages.

The dramas will have 26 episodes that will be aired at least once a week for 15 minutes on all radio stations between November and December.

The nbc's Chief of News and Programming, Menesia Muinjo, says the ongoing orientation sessions will prepare the team on script writing, content, language usage, and cultural diversity.

"The nbc, as part of its business plan in terms of local content, has a requirement that we adhere to what the broadcast code says. CRAN demands that at least 30% of local content be produced and broadcast by media houses and that we, on television and radio, also have a certain percentage. Apart from attending to what the audience needs, we also attend to what CRAN requires."

Muinjo amplified the fact that the drama will also develop languages.

Mulelo Project Manager Chrisjan Appollus says that the nbc will use its own revenue to make sure that the project is funded and lives up to expectations.

The Molelo Radio Drama Project was initiated by the nbc to promote Namibian cultural diversity and art through local dramas in all languages.

The project is a response to the public's call for intensified localised content in all sectors that involve public funding.

Genres include crime, comedy, action/adventure, and romance.



Lucy Nghifindaka