The Chairperson of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Economics and Public Administration called on fishing companies to sell fish at an affordable price in order for Namibians to enjoy their natural resources.

Natangwe Ithete made this call during the two-day consultative and oversight workshop on the Financial Institutions and Markets Act, held in Swakopmund.

Fishing is one of Namibia's leading industries, consistently contributing around three percent to the country's GDP since 2007 and accounting for about 20% of export earnings.

The government, Ithete says, has achieved considerable success in effectively managing its fisheries in a sustainable manner.

He highlights the fact that significant demand for fish from foreign countries like Spain proves fishing companies are generating substantial profits internationally, so they should be in a position to lower prices for the local population.

Ithete stressed that excessively high prices mean fish is largely unaffordable to low-income individuals.

Residents in coastal areas are encouraged to obtain fishing permits and engage in fishing as a means to address poverty and alleviate hunger.



Stefan |Uirab