The former Special Advisor to the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Ambassador Tuliameni Kalomoh, says the continent has failed to enhance and accelerate unity and political integration.

"When you are an African of my age and see what is happening in Sudan, you cannot but be pained when you see what's happening in Congo. Even yesterday, when 24 people were killed in eastern Burkina Faso, it was tragic. The solution to this interminable crisis and conflict is in governance. We have to admit that we are misgoverning our countries and natural resources. We are complicit in the exploitation of these resources by foreign interests. As soon as we improve the governance of our countries, I am sure the situation will change for the better."

The seasoned diplomat says Agenda 2063 can only be achieved if areas of conflict are minimised.

"In some areas, like the Sahel, guns have multiplied. It's tragic, but we mustn't give up. We must fight a little to achieve the greater goal. Real genuine African unity; no African unity of propaganda, real genuine African unity that works for the real African masses."

He, therefore, says unity is the only thing that will lift the continent to greater heights.

"We should never despair, never give up, and strive to improve our conditions and governance. Without unity, there can be no Africa. We won't be respected by anyone. We are poor, yes, but when we speak as a united voice, people pay attention."



Frances Shaahama