The Opuwo Town Council is in consultation with stakeholders to find a solution to the water challenge in the town.

Mayor Rosa Tjeundo also highlighted some of the council's successes to date during the 10th Jubilee Opuwo Trade Fair.

"As you know, water has been a challenge in Opuwo for many years. Yes, we have been engaging different stakeholders, like Namwater and the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development. So talks are underway, and we hope that on one of the good days, we will have a better response from them. We have installed 300 prepaid water metres in Opuwo. This is actually phase one because our water doesn't have good quality; we have lime, so we just wanted to test with the first 300, and from there we can kick off. Make Opuwo town all prepaid water metres like Okakarara, where I copied and pasted."

On land and housing delivery, Tjeundo says a budget for NHE low-cost houses has been approved and the allocation of plots is underway.

"We are busy allocating plots at Opuwo. We are continuing to give plots away to locations such as the Otuzemba VIP location, Otati Extension 1 and 2, and Opuwo Youth Estate, so we are still busy allocating plots to the youth, the unemployed mothers, and everybody in town. We are also ensuring the provision of housing, as we have started the Katase project. Yes, this year we are also going to go ahead with our NHE houses as we have received a budget from the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development, so we are going to continue with the list where we ended."

Other successes include the setting up of stalls and an open market upgrade, road upgrades, and the electrification of Katutura and Otuzemba Extension 2.

A plan to set up NamCol and NamVoc centres has also been approved.



Faith Sankwasa