The Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism carried out the dehorning of rhinos at Etosha National Park in order to combat poaching in the country.

The Ministry says the dehorning of all rhinos is also a means of safeguarding them from poaching activities and preventing them from causing harm to each other.

Since 2014, more than 2,000 rhinos have undergone the dehorning process.

During the recent operation, only two rhinos were dehorned.

This marks the second time that both the sub-adult and adult rhino are undergoing the dehorning process, and it takes about three to five years for the horns to regrow.

Environment Minister Pohamba Shifeta emphasised that dehorning rhinos is a costly endeavour that demands dedicated efforts.

He, however, emphasised that it is necessary to dehorn all the rhinos as a preventive measure against poaching.

After the dehorning procedure, the horns are carefully marked with specific dates of removal to maintain a record.

During the dehorning process, which takes about twenty minutes, the rhinos' horns are trimmed to a length of seven to eight centimetres, ensuring that the animals are not harmed.



Lucy Nghifindaka