The bail hearing of the former Fisheries and Marine Resources Minister, Bernhardt Esau, has been postponed to the 9th of June.

Esau is implicated in one of the biggest multimillion-dollar fishing corruption scandals.

In today's hearing, the former minister confirmed having received an amount of N$150,000 in his farming account from his son-in-law, Tamson Hatukuilipi, in 2012.

The court wanted Esau to explain the transaction, to which he replied that it was payment for 25 cattle he sold to Hatukulipi.

These cattle, he says, are still kept at his farm, and their ear tags still bear his name.

The former Fisheries and Marine Resources Minister, along with former Justice Minister Sackey Shangahala and others, are accused of embezzling millions of dollars in fishing quotas.

Their trial is expected to start in October, and it is anticipated to be a lengthy process.



Pejarukani Tjituka