Fishrot accused continue petition for Judge Chinhengo's recusal


Lawyer Mbanga Siyoumunji, who is representing the Fishrot accused, Nigel van Wyk, says his client has exhausted all avenues regarding the recusal of Judge Moses Chinhengo.

Van Wyk petitioned the Supreme Court after Judge Chinhengo declined Van Wyk's application for his recusal and subsequently denied his leave to appeal.

The matter was dismissed last week. 

However, the petition was also rejected by the appeal judges of the Supreme Court, Sylvester Mainga and Elton Hoff, and the acting judge of appeal, Theo Frank.

Bernhard Esau wins access to assets in High Court


Bernhard Esau, the former Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, has won a High Court case allowing him to access some of his assets that have been under a restraint order.

His lawyer, Florian Beukes, has confirmed the success to nbc News. 

The decision, handed down today, permits Esau to use these assets to cover his legal fees in the ongoing Fishrot case.

The assets had been previously restrained as part of the broader investigation into alleged corruption and bribery involving millions of dollars.

Fishrot accused denied urgent application in High Court


Former Minister of Justice Sakeus Shanghala, leveraging his extensive legal background, represented himself and his co-accused in the High Court before Judge Boas Usiku. 

It is highly unusual for an accused person to not only represent himself but also argue on behalf of others in a court of law. 

That being said, the court found the urgent application lacked the necessary urgency.

Judge Munsu to deliver ruling in Tamson Hatukulipi’s bail application


High Court Judge David Munsu will deliver his ruling on whether he will entertain a bail application filed by Tamson Hatuikulipi, one of the men accused in the biggest fishing corruption scandal in Namibia, tomorrow.

The bail application was filed at the High Court based on new facts, Munsu heard on Tuesday.

Judgement on fishrot accused's frozen assets postponed to August


The High Court has postponed the delivery of judgement in an application by individuals implicated in Namibia's largest fishing industry corruption scandal, known as the Fishrot scandal.

The applicants, including James Hatuikulipi and Tamson Hatuikulipi, sought the release of frozen assets to cover legal expenses in their defence against charges related to the scandal.

The applicants, represented by advocate Vas Soni, argued for the release of funds, citing the need for adequate legal representation. 

Family members of Fishrot accused hold silent protest


Family members of the detained fishrot suspects held a silent protest this morning in front of the Windhoek Correctional Facility.
The group gathered there, hoping to catch the attention of Namibian Correctional Service (NCS) officials and amplify their request. 

The group of nearly twenty, comprising various family members of the detained fishrot suspects, braved the chilly morning weather on Monday to express their concerns related to the ongoing safety of the suspects.

Icelandic prosecutors to investigate involvement of Icelandic citizens in Fishrot


A team of prosecutors and investigators from Iceland is on a visit to Namibia to probe the alleged involvement of Icelandic citizens in the Fishrot scandal.

The Anti-Corrpution Commission (ACC) says the team arrived in Namibia last Monday and will return to Iceland tomorrow.

The ACC said in a statement that an Icelandic delegation of investigators is currently in Namibia to investigate the potential involvement of their nationals who are alleged to be involved in the Fishrot corruption case.

Nigel Van Wyk receives bail


Former Fisheries Minister Bernhardt Esau is set to spend another Christmas in the confines of the Windhoek Correctional Facility, as High Court Judge David Munsu ruled that he would remain in custody pending trial.

The judge underscored Esau's clear and prominent involvement in all alleged syndicates linked to the Fishrot scandal, based on preliminary evidence presented by the state during bail proceedings.

On the other hand, Nigel Van Wyk, associated with the scandal through his employment at Shanghala's company, has been granted bail under stringent conditions.

Fishrot accused to plea with or without legal representation


Judge Moses Chinhengo has ruled that the Fishrot accused will proceed with the plea-taking, even in the absence of Bernhardt Esau's lawyer, Florian Beukes, who is on medical leave until December 22.

Despite the defense's concerns raised by lawyer Mbanga Siyomunji that his decision could be prejudicial, Chinhengo affirmed the decision, maintaining that the plea-taking will move forward.

It was a busy day in the Windhoek High Court as one of the Fishrot accused, Sacky Shanghala, suffered another blow.

Fishrot accused's plea postponed


In a firm decision by the High Court, Judge Moses Chinhengo has once again denied requests for postponement in the plea hearing of the individuals accused in the high-profile Fishrot case.

The accused, facing the court in Windhoek, are set to respond to 42 charges of fraud, corruption, and racketeering, marking a significant development in this ongoing legal saga.

Following yesterday's postponement, it was expected that the state would continue where it left off, putting the charges on the accused.