The Governor of Kavango East Region, Bonifatius Wakudumo and other political leaders paid homage to the bereaved family at Kayova village in the Ndiyona Constituency.

Mourners flocked to the household of Godfried Shishugho Kangungu at Kayova village to console the family that has lost 15 family members within four days.
Kayova village is 120 kilometers from Rundu. It is a difficult time for this family and villagers, where every day, they are informed that one of their own has died. 

The Governor of Kavango East who visited the house informed the bereaved family that government will assist the family with all the arrangements.

"We are sharing in the sorrow of the family and equally also we came to inform the bereaved family that as a government we will do everything possible in our power to assist the family with all related arrangements until the burial.

"Our medical staff is hard at work to provide the necessary services to those who are critically ill, also to inform the nation that the Namibian Police is conducting the necessary investigation to find out what was the root cause in terms of what is this poisoned food the people have consumed."

During the Governor's visit, the Swapo Women's Council donated food items.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Health and Social Services indicated that the family members consumed a poisonous or toxic porridge made with pearl millet or mahangu flour and added a dried and pounded fermented sediment from homemade beverage or beer locally known as mundevere.

They are all from the same household and aged between two to 33.



Elizabeth Mwengo