Wakudumo calls on absent fathers to be involved

The Governor of Kavango East Region, Bonifatius Wakudumo, has called on absent fathers to make it a point to be involved in their children's lives.

He emphasised that fathers who do not offer support to their children often burden already struggling mothers with that responsibility.

The Kavango East Governor also stressed that it is about time the region made use of its abundant resources.

Wakudumo says the region has something up its sleeve in terms of small-scale farming.

Kavango East Governor recalls challenging times

The Kavango East Region has experienced a number of unfortunate incidents that have resulted in the loss of lives. Its Governor, Bonifatius Wakudumo, highlighted some of those in his State of the Region Address.

It was an incident that shocked not only the region but also the entire country.

16 people belonging to one household all died after eating what was believed to be toxic porridge.

Kavango East region records gains in past year

The Governor of the Kavango East, Bonifatius Wakudumo, says despite the hardships experienced in 2022, the region also recorded moments of wonder and joy. 

Wakudumo delivered his state of the region address in Rundu today. 

In his address, the Governor highlighted successes made in education, health, and agriculture.

Our region's 37.5% share in the Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate Ordinary Level examination achieved the number one (1) position nationally.

Kavango East Bonifatius Wakudumo and other political leaders visit the bereaved family

The Governor of Kavango East Region, Bonifatius Wakudumo and other political leaders paid homage to the bereaved family at Kayova village in the Ndiyona Constituency.

Mourners flocked to the household of Godfried Shishugho Kangungu at Kayova village to console the family that has lost 15 family members within four days.
Kayova village is 120 kilometers from Rundu. It is a difficult time for this family and villagers, where every day, they are informed that one of their own has died. 

Kavango East farmers optimistic for a bumper harvest after attending GIZ training

Subsistence farmers in the Kavango East Region are optimistic for a bumper harvest, which they attribute to the training they received from the German development agency, GIZ, on climate change.

Farmers who have been attending training on conservation agriculture from GIZ since 2011 are confident of good harvests despite poor rainfall this year.

RANI Group of companies donates wheelchairs to Rundu hospitals

At least 50 patients with disability in the Kavango East Region received wheelchairs at Andara Hospital courtesy of RANI Group of Companies.

The are 101 people both children and adults who are in need of wheelchairs.

The latest beneficiaries are 12 patients at Andara, 12 at Nyangana, 12 at Sambyu, and 14 at Rundu Intermediate Hospital.

Of these 21 are children who require their size wheelchairs.

Late Ndondji Joseph Kautjingu's family and community hold demonstration

The community and family members of the late Ndondji Joseph Kautjingu, who was shot dead under mysterious circumstances on March 3 in Rundu, held a demonstration on Friday, demanding answers for the fact that no one has yet been arrested in connection with the case.

The community believes Kautjingu was killed by police, who apparently earlier on the night found him in possession of a pangolin's skin.

It is alleged that the late Kautingu was picked up by a police car while selling meat at Sauyema Settlement.

Rundu cash and Carry transfers employees to different locations

More than 270 employees at the Rundu Cash and Carry supermarket have been transferred to different locations, a move they deem as constructive dismissal by the employer.

The Rani Group of Companies and the labor-hire company, Employment Placement Services Namibia, informed the workers of their transfers on Monday.

The labor-hire company is owned by Tsumeb Constituency Councillor, Gottlieb Ndjendjela.

The workers say their transfers are in retaliation for their exposing labor malpractices and the selling of expired goods at the Cash and Carry supermarket.

Infrastructure does not have an impact on teaching and learning- Wakudumo

The Governor of the Kavango East Region, Bonifatius Wakudumo, is of the view that infrastructure does not have an impact on teaching and learning, as those taught under temporary structures could produce great results.

Wakudumo said this when he visited the Rundu Project School.

The Rundu Project School was recently established due to a lack of classes to accommodate all the learners in the Rundu circuit.

There are about 600 grade eight, nine, and ten learners who could not be placed in various formal schools.

Learners population at Siguru-guru Primary School increases

The Siguru-guru Primary School's learner population has grown exponentially, despite teaching there being conducted in tents.

Construction of classrooms was delayed after initially being set to commence in December last year.

The school, situated at Rundu's Tumweneni Informal Settlement, was started by community members five years ago.

Acting Head of Department Marcellus Haivera says more than 1,000 learners have been enrolled.

Haivera says there are many learners still looking for school placement.