The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) is taking part in the e-Governance conference in Tallinn, Estonia.

The conference, which focuses on digital innovation and its role in driving social change and transformation, brings together decision-makers, policy implementers, and donors to discuss the future of digital governance.

In an interview with nbc News, Shoki Kandjimi, a Senior Public Relations Officer at MICT, highlighted Namibia's objectives for attending the conference.

"We are positioning ourselves to transform Namibia in terms of our digital transformation goals. We really want to come to see what other countries are doing. Tap into what they are really doing to find strategies that can actually also work for Namibia and, most importantly, to collaborate. One important thing is that Estonia is one of the countries that is actually leading in the area of digital transformation. And they have expressed their willingness to assist Namibia in its digital transformation endeavours."

The conference agenda covers, among others, capacity building as a driver for change and data protection.

"One thing that we are looking at is the Data Protection Bill. We are also busy with the Cybercrime Bill and, most importantly, the digital literacy programme that we are trying to roll out to different parts of our country. So they will bring in their experts and their knowledge to really assist us in actually training our people to become more digital. literate when using online platforms, in terms of what the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology is doing. When it comes to the advancement of e-governance, we are busy developing a digital strategy for the country."

Kandjimi expressed high expectations for the conference and stated that Namibia aims to collaborate with different stakeholders to foster innovation and maximize the opportunities presented by digital platforms.



Serafia Nadunya