The World Food Programme (WFP) organised a nutrition education and awareness programme for the residents of the Choi area in the Kongola Constituency.

During the awareness programme, residents were educated about the significance of balanced diets and their benefits.

Bennety Busihu, the Kongola Constituency Councillor, encouraged residents to actively participate and apply the knowledge gained from the programme, emphasising how it could benefit them as farmers.

"During harvest season, we always waste a lot of food in our fields, and we can learn a lot of methods on how to keep our food durable even though we do not have any refrigerators in our area so that when time goes by, we should be able to eat mundambi, cishihu, and so forth during the course of the year when it's not planting season."

Joan Pashupohamba, the Policy Officer for the Biotechnology and Food Fortification Programme at WFP, stated that the programme addressed food groups and the nutritional requirements for infants.

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Busihu Bennety


Julia Sibeso