The Health and Social Services Minister, Dr. Kalumbi Shangula has expressed Namibia's commitment to achieving universal health coverage by 2030, in line with the global goal of ensuring access to quality healthcare for all. 

This commitment was one of the resolutions adopted at the 76th World Health Summit in Geneva.

Namibia joined over 170 member states at the World Health Summit in Geneva, which focused on a primary health approach and ensuring the highest standard of health for marginalized and less privileged individuals in society. 

Dr. Shangula, who led the Namibian delegation, stated during a media conference that the country's commitment to universal health coverage, with a focus on primary healthcare, has received approval from the cabinet. 

A roadmap has been developed, and once all protocols are finalized, the plans will be made accessible to the public

"The Government and the Ministry of Health are working towards the attainment of universal health coverage which will mean that everybody in Namibia, wherever he/she finds himself, whenever the need arises will be able to get health care without suffering financially."

One notable outcome from the summit was the approval of a 20 percent increase in member contributions to the World Health Organization, to alleviate the budgetary burden on the organization and enable it to function effectively, as well as to support the implementation of crucial health programs worldwide.

"Prevention of sexual exploitation and harassment and standardization of medical devices, the assembly also resolved to extend some of the strategies that were scheduled to expire such as the traditional medicine strategy and WHO global action on the promotion of health of refugees and the common themes are the orientation of health systems."

The government intends to integrate them as commitments and programs into the national healthcare framework, to ensure the successful implementation of the resolutions from the summit,

This approach aims to drive the goal of achieving health for all in the country.




Daniel Nadunya