The Councillor of Musese Constituency in Kavango West Region, Kosmos Katura, has urged the Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security to enhance civil registration outreach programmes within his constituency.

Katura's call follows a significant turnout of undocumented Namibians seeking registration at Olavi Sivute Combined School.

Katura says a considerable number of individuals, particularly children, lack national identity documents.

The Musese regional councillor expressed his dissatisfaction, adding that the approved outreach programme of just four days is inadequate and will not sufficiently address the backlog in national identity documents.

"The population without documents in my constituency exceeds 3400 people, which means more than 50% of my people do not have documents. The majority are school-going kids. Imagine Grade 9, 10, and 11 learners; when they have to sit for examinations, they are supposed to have an ID, but they don't have one. I recently, even from 2021-2022,  visited Olavi Sivhute Combined School, where the registration is taking place now, and Rupara Combined School, even Ntara in Grade 11 class, which is two classes over 70 learners, and you only get 5 with ID cards".

Headman Christian Haingura of Musese acknowledges the challenge faced by people in Kavango West, particularly those in the Musese area, who are unable to access social grants or other government poverty safety nets.

"Upon speaking with the Ministry of Home Affairs, we were informed that they plan to be present for only one day. However, considering the substantial turnout of people seeking registration, I believe that one day is insufficient. I urge them to consider extending their presence to accommodate the needs of the community".



Joseph Likoro