Eligible voters turning 18 after deadline cannot register


Eligible voters who turn 18 years old after the voter registration period will not be able to register due to there being no provision for such in the Electoral Act.

The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) put this into context after President Mbumba relayed the concerns of the public during a meeting at State House.

The ECN also clarified that it is bound by law to carry out subsequent activities after general voter registration has ended.

As a result, there cannot be any extension.

#NAMIBIAVOTES2024 | GRV moves at slow pace in Kavango East & West regions


Election registration is moving at a slow but progressive pace at registration points inland in the Kavango East and West regions. 

The nbc News team visited some registration points in both the Kavango East and West regions on the first day of registration on Monday.

Both challenges and positive experiences were reported.

These range from poor attendance by the people to the slow registration process. 

However, the nbc News team learned that people in the village and remote areas are responding positively to the registration.

#NAMIBIAVOTES2021 | Equipment challenges hamper GRV process in Omusati


Three thousand and twenty-one people registered in the general registration of voters in the Omusati Region on Monday.

However, the problem of cameras not capturing some people, especially the elderly, remains a challenge at some registration points, but technicians are trying their best to rectify the matter. 

The ECN Regional Electoral Officer in Omusati, Elizabeth Shiningayamwe, says the registration started well in Omusati, and all 56 points opened exactly at 8:00 as anticipated.

NAMIBIAVOTES2024 | Registration and voting vital to influence country's future


Citizens, including government officials, are focused on the voter registration process to exercise their democratic right to vote. 

The National Assembly Speaker, Prof. Peter Katjavivi, highlighted the importance of participating in elections in moulding the nation's democracy as he registered at the Olympia MTC centre.

Voter registration plays a critical role in democracy, enabling eligible citizens to exercise their voting rights, influence their nation's future, and foster civic engagement and empowerment, extending beyond mere participation in elections. 

South African nationals in Namibia vote


South African nationals residing in Namibia are participating in their home country's national elections.

Voting commenced on Friday and will continue until 19:00 tonight.

744 South Africans registered online in February to vote at the designated polling station in Windhoek.

The South African High Commission in Namibia has been facilitating the voting process, ensuring that citizens living abroad can exercise their democratic rights.

Over 500 registered for BIG in Otavi


595 people have registered for the Conditional Basic Income Grant at Otavi. 

The Otavi Constituency Office is compiling a report for consideration by the Ministry of Gender, Poverty Eradication, and Social Welfare. 

Okahandja and Otjiwarongo have already started with the grant as part of the pilot project.

Otavi Constituency Councillor George !Garab also wants Otavi residents who are unable to sustain themselves to benefit from the grant.

Deactivated SIM card holders demand answers from MTC in Katima Mulilo


SIM card holders whose numbers have been deactivated after registration are seeking answers from MTC in Katima Mulilo.

They claim that their numbers were registered, only to find that their cards seem to have been blocked.

A long queue of both senior citizens and young people was observed in the morning, with many frustrated about their SIM cards not working. 

The majority stated that they had registered with MTC agents who visited their villages last year and did not understand the current disconnection.

Pupils registration in Kavango West moves at snail's pace


Registration of pupils in the Kavango West Region has been moving at a snail's pace.

School staff fear this may delay or interrupt teaching and learning as classes are set to commence on Monday. 

Schools started with registration on Thursday.

On Friday, the nbc News team visited some schools and found teachers waiting on parents to come and register their children. 

They say this is an annual occurrence where parents are slack in registering their children.

Kalkfeld residents appeal to MTC to take services there


With the extension of the SIM card registration, Kalkfeld residents are calling on Mobile Telecommunications Company (MTC) to visit their settlement again.

Just as with many others, some of the residents of Kalkfeld are still making their way to register their numbers, and the extension of the registration period by three more months was therefore good news to many, even those without registration points in their areas.

SIM Cards registration rush at Keetmanshoop


In Keetmanshoop, a last-minute surge has seen scores of residents line up at the MTC office, eager to register their SIM cards.

The scene underscores a sense of urgency, with some locals reporting waits of over three hours in long queues.

SIM card holders have until December 31st to register their numbers or face suspension.

Long queues can be observed as people rush at the last minute, although the message was transmitted 12 months ago.