The Inspector General of the Namibian Police Force, Lieutenant General Joseph Shikongo, has warned police officers not to use a lack of resources as an excuse to not respond to public calls when reporting crime.

Lieutenant General Shikongo says members of law enforcement should make use of state resources to deliver on their mandate.

The police Chief stated that they are, however, working hard to mobilise resources to address the shortage, especially that of vehicles.

"We go to the extent of telling members of the public calling the station that we do not have cars, and that must come to an end. A police station that can tell people that they don't have a car should be in a remote area, but for sure, it's a question of telling members of the public that we are going to attend to you as soon as our resources become available. In Windhoek, how can you say you don't have a car? You get a call that there are two people wanting to fight, and you say there is no car. 30 minutes later, the same person is calling to say that one of them is dead. Do you know how many cars are running to a dead body, but we can't mobilise one vehicle to save a life?"

He also suggested a joint regional operation as a way to fight crime in the country.

"We have a division responsible for the national operation, and this is what we are going to do from today on to ensure that we want to see more people on the ground. We need to reduce the members of the administration, and we go to the function of our organisation. The mandate of Nampol is very clear: preservation of the internal security of our country, maintenance of law and order, investigation of crime, protection of lives and property, and prevention of crime."

The Inspector General also called on traffic officers to be visible on the road to regulate traffic flow and ensure that motorists adhere to traffic rules and regulations.

Lieutenant General Shikongo also proposed that financial and stress management be included in police training courses.

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July Nafuka