The Community of Koes in the ||Kharas Region hosted a beauty pageant and a dance competition recently.

Rodneycia Basson was crowned Miss Koes, and Young Okkz was crowned dance champion of 2023.

The Miss HFK Beauty Pageant was organised by Ferdinand Swartbooi to provide a platform for Koes residents to diversify their economic potential, which largely depends on farming and agriculture.

The beauty pageants aim was to motivate girls to self-improve and empower them.

Basson was crowned Miss HFK with Chriznelda Fredericks as the first princess, and Connie Eiman was crowned the second Princess.

A dance competition also took place at the tiny village of Koes, with Young Okkz being crowned the 2023 Dance champs.

Organisers of the event promised to make next year's event even better, with a number of other activities expected to be introduced.




Natangwe Jimmy