Erongo Governor Neville Andre said that the current state of the economy will have a negative impact on regional electricity distributors in the region.

During his State of the Region Address, André said the global energy landscape is undergoing a significant transition, with renewable energy sources driving a plateau in energy demand by 2030.

Despite these challenges, an electricity distributor such as Erongo RED aims to electrify four rural areas in the region during the current financial year.

The project, to the tune of N$30 million, will cover Utuseb with 117 houses, Upukos with 60 homes, Otjivaya with 40 homes, and Ozondati with 200 homes.

Meanwhile, the electrification of 100 houses is planned for Narraville and Swakopmund shack dwellers at a cost of N$5.82 million, the governor said.

A total of 850 dwellings in Swakopmund's DRC will be powered through joint funding by Erongo RED and the Swakopmund municipality at a cost of N$7.22 million, Andre sa



Stefan |Uirab