Arandis residents unhappy with town council

More than 100 senior citizens of Arandis staged a demonstration over alleged poor management by the town council.

The senior citizens have also appealed to the Council to write off their debts.
The elderly accuse the council of keeping tenders aside for friends and families of those in the council management.
They say this contributes to the high unemployment rate among residents of the town, particularly the youth.

Family at Swakopmund accuses police of brutality and neglect

A family from the Erongo Region is seeking justice from the police, whom they accuse of brutality.

The father of a mentally and physically disabled man in Swakopmund has expressed his utter dissatisfaction with the police for failing to perform up to expected standards when they dealt with his child.

Gideon Doeseb accuses the police of being responsible for his son's physical disability by hitting him with a vehicle.

Doeseb explains that his son was discovered to be mentally ill, and during an outburst, police were called to escort him to the hospital.

Education stakeholders recommends that all schools in Erongo cultivate own gardens

Stakeholders in education have recommended that all schools in the Erongo Region should cultivate their own gardens to help feed pupils who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

This was one of the recommendations at the just ended meeting held at Swakopmund aimed at developing plan of action.

Erongo Regiona teachers called to be extraordinary

Deputy Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Nathalia |Goagoses has called on teachers in the Erongo Region to be extraordinary this year.

|Goagoses says teachers should transform their teaching methods in order to achieve better academic results.

The Deputy Minister addressed education stakeholders in the Erongo Region, who convened at Swakopmund to develop a plan following the dismal academic results of 2022.

Nathalia |Goagoses told the audience that she was an underqualified teacher in the 1980s who managed to transform a failing Windhoek school.

Tourism in Erongo showing signs of positive recovery

Tourism in Erongo is showing signs of positive recovery, with most hotel establishments reaching an occupancy rate of 59,36 in the fourth quarter of last year, compared to 50,1 percent in 2019.
This was highlighted by Governor Neville Andre during the Erongo Tourism Forums media briefing with stakeholders.   

The region's tourism sector is well on its way to recovery after it was severely hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Erongo Regional Council reiterates commitment to service delivery

Erongo Regional Council has reiterated its commitment to service delivery.

Its Chairperson Benitha Imbamba said they have rated the best regional council in terms of customer service charter development and implementation by the office of the Prime Minister.

Imbamba said this during the region's annual opening meeting at Swakopmund.

Erongo scooped first place among the regional councils and third place in the overall government agencies ratings.

Police in Erongo to take action against learners carrying life-threatening objects

The Police in the Erongo Region will take action against learners carrying life-threatening objects at West Side High School in Swakopmund. 

Unit Commander for Community Affairs in Erongo, Inspector Ileni Shapumba said this when he addressed boy learners, after a fight broke out at the school, injuring one pupil.
Inspector Shapumba, says it is disturbing to hear that some pupils are carrying sharp objects, such as knives, as well as using drugs and alcohol at the school.

Erongo Region struggling to respond to medical emergencies due to a shortage of ambulances

The Erongo Region is struggling to respond to medical emergencies due to a shortage of ambulances at state hospitals.

Walvis Bay Mayor, Trevino Forbes, has expressed concern over the shortage of ambulances in the region, especially in the harbor town. 

"I have come to learn that the ambulance we are using here is borrowed from Omaruru, and it's also not working. It can't be that we are running our town like this. Namibia's industrial hub, a dilapidated hospital, no ambulances, and I can't stand by and watch as these public services deteriorate."

25-year-old disabled woman appealing for assistance in securing a dignified ablution facility

A 25-year-old disabled young woman from the Okombahe Settlement, Erongo Region, is appealing for assistance in securing a dignified ablution facility.
Mercia ||Guruse was born and raised in the Okombahe settlement, situated in east central Namibia.

Born without limbs, ||Guruse recounts a tough upbringing, having to crawl on her knees and navigate rocky terrain often filled with thorns and broken glass.

She has never allowed her condition to discourage her from going into business and running her own ice supply operation.

Road safety stakeholders active at roadblocks in Erongo region

Overtaking in blind spots, driving under the influence of alcohol, and speeding are some of the major issues contributing to road accidents in the Erongo Region.

Road safety stakeholders, including the police, the Roads Authority, the Motor Accident Vehicle Fund, and the City Police, are all active at roadblocks in the Erongo region.

Stakeholders warn motorists against taking risks on public roads, warning that culprits will be arrested.

Travelers are further cautioned not to use rest stops along public roads for drinking sprees.