Lawyer Sisa Namandje says Paragon Aviation is prepared to commence its ground handling services at Hosea Kutako International Airport (HKIA).

This decision comes subsequent to the High Court's rejection of an appeal initiated by British-owned Menzies Aviation.

The appeal was directed against a prior High Court ruling mandating Menzies Aviation to vacate the premises of Hosea Kutako International Airport.

Menzies Aviation took the Namibia Airports Company to court when it was unable to secure the tender for providing ground handling services at Hosea Kutako International Airport.

Judge Orben Sibeya ruled in favour of the Namibia Airports Company, instructing Menzies Aviation to vacate the premises.

However, the British aviation company was dissatisfied with the June 29th judgement and subsequently appealed to the Supreme Court.

Unfortunately for them, the Supreme Court upheld the initial High Court's decision.

The legal proceedings were marked by numerous interlocutory applications, which finally concluded with the trial's culmination yesterday.

Sisa Namandje remarked that his clients would no longer tolerate what he referred to as a delaying tactic.

"Another issue that we also need to highlight is that, for too long, we have been trying to play it safe, not to appear to be obstructive, and that Paragon has been losing millions to maintain its preparedness to take over. I think the time has come that my client will no longer allow any other delay tactics in the preparations. Once NAC has given the notice, Paragon will, as a matter of fact, prepare in accordance with that notice and will use all the available resources and remedies to ensure that Paragon will be providing services at that airport."

The Executive Director of Media and Marketing at Paragon, Lazarus Jacobs, has expressed concern regarding the attitude displayed by Menzies Aviation.

"Menzies issued a public statement in which it, among others, stated that "Menzies will therefore continue to provide ground handling services at HKIA unless otherwise informed by Menzies and no other third party: it is clear from the above statement that, in a manner that is consistent with Menzies unlawful refusal to leave the airport as directed by the High Court and as confirmed by the Supreme Court, Menzies is determined to continue delaying its vacation of the airport at all costs."



Emil Seibeb