Historian and University of Namibia (UNAM) researcher Shampapi Shiremo has drawn attention to the ongoing efforts aimed at recognising the late Hompa Kandjimi-Hauwanga and repatriating his remains from Germany.

This he stated in an exclusive interview with Inside The Chambers.

Delving into Kandjimi-Hauwanga's role in the early 20th century, Shiremo is currently writing a book on the late Hompa Kandjimi-Hauwanga.

Shiremo revealed that in his research, which utilised oral sources, books, archival records, and accounts from colonial officials, nothing determined if Hauwanga's remains were indeed in Germany.

Kandjimi-Hauwanga's enigmatic death in 1923 remains shrouded in uncertainty, leaving the exact location of his burial site in question.

Shiremo has emphasised the significance of repatriating Kandjimi-Hauwanga's remains, if they are indeed in Germany.

He stressed that the motion to acknowledge the Hompa and repatriate his remains must involve a comprehensive analysis of historical records, drawing on authoritative sources to shed light on the whereabouts of his remains.



Serafia Nadunya