NA's Deputy Speaker motivates Electoral Commission's reports


The Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Loide Kasingo, motivated the annual reports submitted by the Electoral Commission of Namibia. The reports covered several key areas pertinent to the commission's operations.

Kasingo emphasised that the report not only demonstrates the commission's compliance with legal provisions but also highlights its dedication to fulfilling its mandate.

She stressed the importance of elected representatives recognising the trust placed in them by the people and utilising the report as a tool for enhancing the electoral system.

MPs presented with draft amended Standing Rules and Orders of National Assembly


The Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Loide Kasingo, has presented the amended draft Standing Rules and Orders of the National Assembly to the House for approval. 

The draft rules encompass rules of procedure for both the National Assembly and its various committees, including the standing, spending, and select committees. 

Loide Kasingo highlighted that the rules have been fine-tuned to align with international conventions and practices.

NC Standing Committee reports back on their visit to Kenya


The National Council has adopted a report from its Standing Committee on Health, Social Welfare, and Labour Affairs regarding a visit last year to the Kenyan Parliament's Senate.

The committee visited the Kenyan Senate and the Nairobi County Assembly to learn about their operations and best practices. 

A focal point of the visit was universal health coverage, with Kenya being recognised for successfully implementing the World Health Organisation's UHC agenda. 

MPs advocate for global peace


Members of Parliament in the National Assembly have voiced support for global solidarity, introducing motions affirming solidarity with Cuba, Palestine, and the decolonisation of Western Sahara.

Swapo Party MP Leevi Katoma moved a motion expressing unwavering solidarity with Cuba, highlighting the historical ties between Namibia and Cuba. 

For years, Namibia disapproved of the United States' economic blockade against Cuba.

Dr. Nama Goabab dies


The late Nama Goabab served the National Assembly with dedication as the Secretary of the Lower House.

Professor Katjavivi said this when he announced the death of Dr. Nama Goabab.

Dr. Goabab served as the Secretary of the National Assembly from November 2006 to January 2009 and held the positions of 5th and 6th Secretary.

Goabab died on March 14.

During his tenure, Dr. Goabab was recognised for his dedication to upholding excellence within the National Assembly and its Secretariat. 

Minister of Mines addresses allegations of corruption in awarding EPLs


The Minister of Mines and Energy, Tom Alweendo, has addressed allegations of corruptly awarding petroleum exploration licences.

Responding to accusations on social media and in relation to Landless People's Movement (LPM) MP Henny Seibeb's questions, Alweendo underscores the importance of vigilance against corruption in the oil and gas sector.

Alweendo clarified the application process, stating that the minister does not handle licence applications directly. 

Peter Katjavivi urges nations to confront challenges head on


The Speaker of the National Assembly, Peter Katjavivi, delivered an address at the 75th Commonwealth Day Commemorations in London, United Kingdom. 

In his speech, Professor Katjavivi called for collective action, urging nations to confront challenges with courage and determination.

Professor Katjavivi emphasised the importance of fostering an environment where every voice is heard and valued in shaping the common future of the Commonwealth.

Namibia achieves gender parity in NA


Namibia has attained a 50-50 gender balance in the National Assembly, the spokesman of the lower house of parliament, Sakeus Kadhikwa, confirmed. 

Kadhikwa marked the achievement as a milestone, as Namibia is the only country so far in Africa that has reached gender balance in parliament.

The development underscores the nation's commitment to promoting inclusivity and equal representation in its political sphere.