The Modified Single Buyer module and the integration of the Southern Africa Power Pool electricity market will offer new opportunities for independent private producers.

It is also expected to unlock the potential of renewable energy in the region.

This was revealed at the launch of the SAPP and MSB Market Access Guide in Windhoek on Monday.

The MSB Model was introduced as a new market platform in 2019, with the aim of gradually replacing the current Single Buyer Model of power purchase only by NamPower.

The MSB strengthens the role of independent power producers (IPPs) by allowing certain customers to purchase a portion of their electricity needs directly from IPPs.

The MSB market module opens the electricity supply industry by establishing a level playing field for various industry players, with the main purpose of opening the electricity market.

The Executive Director of SAPP, Stephan Dihwa, says that since the launch of the MSB market in Namibia, there have been a lot of requests for support with SAPP market access.

The EU's Head of Cooperation, Frederico Berna, vowed that the EU will remain committed to supporting Namibia and Africa's energy interconnection.

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Windhoek Observer


July Nafuka