Erongo Governor Neville Andre has expressed disappointment in the regional first semester's poor performance, as schools were unable to achieve satisfactory grades A to C.

Performance for the Namibian Senior Secondary Certificate Ordinary Level averaged 27%, while the Namibian Senior Secondary Certificate Advanced Subsidiary Level achieved a 35% performance rate.

Addressing the Erongo Regional Improvement Strategic Plan review meeting, Andre pointed out that this signals an unfavourable state of academic achievement, hence the need for urgent action to enhance outcomes as the final examinations draw near.

"Today, we gather here to discuss a matter of utmost importance: the review of secondary school education results for the last semester. It becomes crucial to step back and critically examine the purpose and outcomes of our education systems. We are here to self-reflect; we need to do better. If you want excellent results, you must put in hard work. Weep for the state of your classroom, school, circuit, and constituency because it's for the future of the Namibian child and our country."

Andre says the country stands on the brink of substantial opportunities that demand proficient Namibian professionals; thus, they must equip the youth to govern the nation and harness its prospects.

"In conclusion, reviewing the results of both junior secondary and secondary school education is an imperative step towards redefining success and building a stronger and more relevant education system. By prioritising the holistic development of learners, providing them with practical skills, and broadening our perception of success, we can create an environment where learners thrive and reach their full potential. Let us strive for an education system that nurtures individual talents, inspires innovation, and adequately prepares learners for exams, as well as the challenges and opportunities that lie beyond the classroom."

The Regional Director of Education, Arts, and Culture, Ehrenfriede Stephanus, and Benneth ||Khaibeb, Education Forum Chairperson, also spoke at the occasion.



Stefan |Uirab