Illegal trade in ozone-depleting substances is a challenge for many businesses across Africa.

To address these issues, members of the Customs Unit commenced with the National Ozone Unit, Customs Twinning Workshop, and Border Dialogue in the capital for countries within the SADC region.

Data sharing and effective communication with the National Ozone Unit and Border Trade Control and Management of Confiscated Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) can be one of the solutions for Namibia to prevent counterfeit goods from entering the country.

ODS can carry harmful gases into the environment, which at times causes businesses to lose money.

The United Nations Environment Programme's Florence Asher shared different methods that smugglers use to bring harmful goods and ODS into countries.
Asher highlighted that illegal trade in ODS is not a high priority for enforcement agencies in most countries.

Despite numerous seizures, only a few cases of ODS illegal trade have been prosecuted in developing countries.

The three-day dialogue will also touch on regional cooperation in combating illegal trade in ODS among SADC countries.



Hendrina Kanyolo