Residents of Farm Location on the western side of Windhoek are in need of more water points.

The residents say the one tap in the area is not sufficient, as they have to walk long distances and scramble in line for the only tap available.

Resident of Farm Location, Lukas Lukas, said, "We really need water; we came to this location a long time ago. We have been seeking water taps for some time. However, when the municipality responded, they only gave us these taps at one point, which is still a distance for many people in this area."

The situation gets worse during weekends and in the evenings, as there is always a long queue.

"Before we got the tap, the municipality used to bring water tanks for us. If only they could assist us again with those water tanks at the further locations while they are busy sorting out the possibility of more water points in this area, because we are really pressed with the lack of water. Another option could be allowing the residence to dig trenches for water lines, and then they can just come and place the pipes.

Contacted for a comment, the City of Windhoek's Public Relations Officer Lydia Amutenya says the population growth in the informal settlements is happening at a faster pace than the formalisation process.

And this, she says, is putting pressure on service supply, which is not sustainable.

However, the city has initiated a five-year programme to reduce the number of households using one toilet as well as the use of standpipes for water.

The programme includes six constituencies and is expected to be completed by June 2024.




Selima Henock