Namibia Netball Association President Rebecca Goagoses has expressed her dissatisfaction over the absence of young netball players at the recently held Otjozondjupa Governor's Cup.

As per Netball Namibia President Rebecca Goagoses' observation, the just concluded Governor's Cup saw just a few young players and a number of older players compete in netball. 

She addressed the issue of young players being underrepresented in the tournament and outlined the possible causes.

''There's an absence because the age group was not specified and identified. The adversary capacity for the federation so that so that we can stick to certain age that way we will be able to persist quality competition so that players can do their best not some are under 19 and some 20'' 

Goagoses also discussed the potential and value of young players in a competition of this magnitude. 

''Those young players are the future national players. If you are 35 or 34 you are done. They must give a chance for the young players, we must have a path were we have certain intentional activities as this''

Goagoses proposed that such events should include more youngsters as this will give them an opportunity to be identified by scouts and interested clubs.

On his part,  Otjozondjupa Regional Governor James Uerikua responded to Goagoses' stance, stating that she is not wrong in expressing her thoughts but that the competition gave room to a wide age range of participants.

''If that's her sentiment well and good. The pstbet agreement is putting an age between 15 to 35 years participants in the tournament, so if the president of the netball association is saying that there are more older players that's her observation and it is important that we correct the.''

Uerikua also stated that his office will ensure to correct the mistake by actively seeking out young people and providing them with opportunities, exposure and the appropriate training.



Emikie Hausiku