Athletes from the Oshana region, who are living with intellectual disabilities, participated in a Special Olympics family health forum at the playtime sport facility in Oshakati recently. 

The aim of the event was to unite athletes and to encourage them to participate in sport activities, while inspiring them to achieve their goals.

The Special Olympics sport day included soccer and recreational volleyball. 

 Adults and children with and without intellectual disabilities came together as volunteers, coaches, Special Olympics directors and community activists facilitated the action in various disciplines.

''Its  very important that we train including back in the society and the only way we can do this is by educating our parents care givers at home as well as siblings, to not be ashamed, not shy and everyone can understand that all have same abilities even it might not always to look that way. We have the same desire and we all can achieve our goals.''

Acting national director Werner Jefferies explained that the family health forum is there to educate families and people in the community and to help them deal with struggles when raising and loving  a person with intellectual disability.

`` With the young athletes programs, its very important that we start, including them in the programs at this age so that they can slowly start participating in sports and other activities, social activities where they learn how to interact with each other people which is very important.``

Acting sports director Levien Smit believes that the event caters for people with intellectual disabilities and their families in a variety of ways. 

``During the forum, family forum we talked about different topics. Including healthy life style, healthy to be fit. We also touched on nutrition, what kind of food we need for us to have a healthy body and we also talked about interaction payment and development of the life what is mean, how to cares of such person and where to get necessary help and support.``

A similar event will be held in Lüderitz on Thursday.