Namibia has reiterated the need for continued unity among member countries of the Global South.

Vice President Nangolo Mbumba is attending the G Seventy-Seven Pus China Summit in Havana, Cuba, where he pledged Namibia's commitment to ensuring that the summit contributes to the development and aspirations of the block.

Vice President Nangolo Mbumba at the summit stressed the need for developing countries to divert their focus towards the advancement of science and technology in order to achieve the 2-3 agenda.

"In this context, Namibia concurs with the rest of the developing nations and recognises that there is a need for more investment in science, technology, and innovation as these offer an opportunity to promote and foster the development and application of science, technology, and innovation in all spheres of our society to advance socio-economic development."

Mbumba also informed the summit that, like many developing countries, Namibia is also not spared by socio-economic, environmental, and developmental challenges; he highlighted among them the loss of biodiversity, food insecurity, and water scarcity.

"To address these challenges, we require scientific evidence and technical know-how. In this regard, Namibia is in its third year of implementing the Namibia National Science and Technology Innovation Policy, under the theme 'harnessing for sustainable development."

Though Namibia remains optimistic, the Vice President expressed concerns about the challenges and opportunities associated with artificial intelligence and the fourth industrial revolution.

Mbumba stated that the government has therefore appointed a task force to compile a comprehensive report that is aimed at informing the country's sixth developmental project.

The Group of 77 is the largest intergovernmental organisation of developing countries in the United Nations.

It provides the means for the countries of the South to articulate and promote their collective economic interests and enhance their joint negotiating capacity on all major international economic issues within the United Nations system.

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Vice President of Namibia


Emil Xamro Seibeb