Judge Munsu to deliver ruling in Tamson Hatukulipi’s bail application


High Court Judge David Munsu will deliver his ruling on whether he will entertain a bail application filed by Tamson Hatuikulipi, one of the men accused in the biggest fishing corruption scandal in Namibia, tomorrow.

The bail application was filed at the High Court based on new facts, Munsu heard on Tuesday.

Young women in Khomasdal Constituency trained in goat rearing


Concord Young Women in Business kicked off a seminar focusing on goat rearing and information and communication technology for young women and school-going girls in the Khomasdal Constituency.

The seminar in Windhoek, which aims to empower participants with essential skills for personal and professional growth, is part of a broader initiative to support women's advancement through practical skill development.

Iran, Namibia to expand bilateral relations


Iran is looking at expanding its bilateral relations with Namibia across various sectors.

The country wants to enter Namibia's oil market and says it can help the country attain self-sufficiency.

Iran's ambassador to Namibia, Dr. Seyed Sharifi, on Monday introduced his country's private sector mines' to Namibia's Emerging Mining Association and other small emerging miners.

Spending Mother's Day behind bars


Today is Mother's Day, a time when many children express their love with hugs and heartfelt words. However, not all mothers will experience these joys. 

The nbc News team visited the Windhoek Correctional Facility, where we spoke with mothers who are serving time.

The Windhoek Correctional Facility walls are home to women, some of whom have committed heinous crimes, who are serving time while being rehabilitated and prepared for reintegration into society.

Government called to recognise 1915 Battle of Sam !Khubis


Kaptein of the Rehoboth Baster Community, Jacky Britz, has called on the government to recognise the 1915 Battle of Sam !Khubis.

Many Baster people died after facing the unforgiving wrath of the German colonial regime.

As the sun rose over the mountain tops at Sam !Khubis, the Baster community got ready to visit the graves of their fallen heroes, those whose blood was shed on May 8, some 109 years ago.

Republican Party calls for stricter laws to protect women


The Republican Party says lawmakers need to act with urgency to stop the surge of senseless killings of women.

The party says that lawmakers, as a collective, want to address the issue but are faced with challenges such as a lack of financial resources and capacity.

Prompted by the spate of killings of women in the country, nbc News reached out to the chief of the police, Lieutenant General Joseph Shikongo, who two weeks ago revealed that since the start of the year, 18 women have been murdered across the country. 

Oranjemund Transformation Strategy underway


The Transformation Strategy for Oranjemund, which includes the normalisation of private property ownership and the transfer of municipal services and infrastructure to the Oranjemund Town Council, is underway.

The CEO of Namdeb, Riaan Burger, said during a familiarisation visit by Vice President Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah that the diamond mining giant aims to enable economic diversification for the town to become sustainable beyond mining.

Vice President commends Namdeb for extending the mine's lifespan


Vice President Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah has applauded Namdeb for the efforts it has put in place to extend the life of the mine for another 20 years.

Nandi-Ndaitwah was in Oranjemund on a familiarisation visit.

A new mining concept, in which Namdeb is mining on the land under the sea by moving the ocean backwards, was adopted by Namdeb.

The mine is utilising beach accretion, and the use of this method has added an additional lifespan to the mine.

Transnational organised crime remains major threat to peace - Lt.Gen Shikongo


The Inspector General of the Namibian Police, Joseph Shikongo, has confirmed that transnational organised crime constitutes a major threat to peace, stability, governance, and development in southern Africa.
Lieutenant General Shikongo highlighted crimes such as drug and human trafficking, vehicle hijacking, wildlife crimes, illegal firearms trade, money laundering, and cybercrime, among others.

Environment Ministry's policy on destruction of animal after killing a person


The Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism spokesperson, Romeo Muyunda, says the Ministry’s policy provides for the destruction of an animal that has killed a person. Muyunda’s remarks come after an Angolan national was fatally attacked by an elephant last night at Otjorute Village in the Ruacana area of Uukolonkadhi Conservancy.

Muyunda says the reason for the destruction of an animal that has killed a person is that such an animal may have lost fear of people, and based on its current aggression, it may cause more damage and harm.