Aminuis Constituency Councillor, Peter Kazongominja has urged traditional authorities to act as guardians of the community, even when it comes to stock-theft-related matters, as most culprits are among them.

Kazongominja made this remark at a stakeholders engagement at Corridor 13, where traditional leaders and the regional council discussed escalating stock theft in and around Corridor 13.

It is reported that, to date, farmers have lost close to 100 livestock since the beginning of the year in that vicinity.

Aminuis Constituency Councillor Peter Kazongominja reminds the gathering that livestock is one of the key aspects that aid local communities; hence, if stock theft is on the rise, then their livelihoods are at a crossroads.

Kazongominja adds that traditional authorities should also improve their relationship with Namibian Police to curb stock theft.
"Collectively, traditional leaders should sit around the table now and then put their problem on paper and consult with our office, and then we can engage the police headquarters in Gobabis for them to come down and listen to the grievances of the community down here with regard to stock theft because the big issue here is only stock theft."

The constituency leader also appealed to community members not to take the law into their own hands when dealing with stock-theft-related matters.

Traditional leaders who attended the meeting shared their sentiments with nbc News team.

Approached for comment about the escalating stock-theft cases in the area Police Regional Commander Andreas Haingura says that the police will have to study the document that will be channelled through the constituency office after the meeting at Corridor 13.

The Regional Commander, however, acknowledged that stock theft remains a challenge in the region.

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